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Advanced Spot Removal

Advanced Spot RemovalOne of the big problems with carpet, especially lighter colored carpet is that it can get stains on it easily. Stains also occur on upholstery and furniture. Depending on what the stain or spot is from, it can be difficult to get out. And if you try to do it yourself, you can wind up making it worse. That’s why it’s worth it to hire a professional for your spot removal needs. Professional Carpet Systems of Raleigh offers advanced spot removal to get rid of most of the toughest stains. We serve customers throughout the Raleigh area with excellent customer service. Our family owned company is waiting to serve you.

Advanced spot removal from Professional Carpet Systems can provide you with a number of benefits. Not only will it help you care for and maintain your carpet, protecting the investment you’ve made, remove terrible looking stains, it also can remove health risks if the stain is caused by pet urine, feces, and vomit. An additional benefit of our spot removal service is that it saves you time and frustration.

Professional Carpet Systems of Raleigh uses cleaning products and equipment that are CRI-approved and eco-friendly. That means you can feel confident that you are getting quality, professional and safe services.

Advanced Spot Removal

Don’t let stains and spots take the luster out of your carpet and furniture; call the spot removal pros at Professional Carpet Systems. No job is too large or small for us. We have done spotting work in 5,000sqft halls in retirement communities as well as ink stains in a childs bedroom. We serve customers throughout the Raleigh area, providing quality work and excellent customer service.

*Minimum service charges also apply for spotting work.

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