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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Floor CleaningIf you can’t remember the last time you gave your hardwood floors a good cleaning, you need the professional hardwood floor cleaning services of Professional Carpet Systems. Our family owned and operated business is the greater Raleigh area’s first choice when it comes to providing excellent service. Our process and equipment are great at removing dirt, dust, and grime and from hardwood floors, as well as residue from store-bought cleaners and oil soaps.

Replacing hardwood flooring that hasn’t been properly maintained is an expensive proposition. It’s much more affordable to hire the professional cleaning services of Professional Carpet Systems on a regular basis to ensure that the money you originally spent on hardwood floors doesn’t go to waste. Our professional cleaning service, using industry leading cleaning products and equipment, can help restore hardwood floors.

A quick swipe with a dust mop can’t eliminate the grime, dirt, and residues that can build up over time on hardwood flooring. If you have kids and pets, your hardwood flooring should provide them with a sparkling clean place to have fun.

Hardwood Floor CleaningOur dust free floor cleaning/refinishing process includes
+ A thoughough vacuum of the floor
+ A counter-rotating brush machine and cleaning solution scrub to provide a deep clean
+ A neutral ph rinse
+ Speed drying
+ An optional refinish in satin or gloss at an additional cost.

* This refinish will be no messy sanding, deep scratches and damage will not be removed but it’s a great in-between refinish saving several dollars per sqft over a sanding and complete restoration process.
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