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Tile Cleaning

Tile CleaningIf the tiled floors and surfaces throughout your home are looking dull and shabby and the grout lines start getting darker than you remember. It may be time to use the professional tile and grout cleaning services of Professional Carpet Systems. Restoring the original shine and luster to tile surfaces, and eliminating the deep ground-in dirt and debris that the porous grout soaks in after mopping, is one of our professional cleaning specialties. Customers throughout the Raleigh area can vouch for the fact that Professional Carpet Systems of Raleigh provides consistently excellent customer service, from your first phone call for an estimate to the final result after we pull out of the driveway and beyond.

Mopping and scrubbing will never remove the deeply embedded dirt in tile grout the way that our professional cleaning methods can. Not only do we use only CRI-approved equipment and products, The use of high pressure and proper temperature can also help restore tile and grout surfaces to looking clean and shiny once again. By removing deep down embedded debris, our professional cleaning methods can help to not only restore the appearance of tiled surfaces but also rinse all soil attracting residue that can be tracked onto carpeted areas. increasing the lifespan of both your tile and grout as well as your carpeted areas close by.

Tile CleaningHomeowners who want the tiled walls and floors of their bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and patios to be as sanitary as possible rely on the dependable professional cleaning services provided by Professional Carpet Systems. Our eco-friendly cleaning methods and solutions are completely safe for tiles of all types, including limestone, travertine, ceramic and porcelain.

*As an option, for an additional charge we offer the sealing of the grout lines. This will make cleaning a breeze so you can maintain the look of clean grout lines longer than before.

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